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unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Alla-Aamin Pharmaceutical Import Co.

Established in June 1991 as a small retail Pharmacy in Burao (Somaliland), the small retail pharmacy was developed and became the starting point of Alla-Aamin pharmaceutical company. 

Mr. Seleban Hassan Obsiye, mentor and founder played a significant role in creating a modern and dynamic pharmacy in Somaliland. His vision changed the traditional conception of pharmaceutical field in the local community into a fashioned and developed advanced pharmacies,through profound and excellent field experience Mr. Obsiye innovated highly successful pharmaceutical import company in the country. 

Over 28 years’ experience combined with staff over 1 employees with profound knowledge and rigorous management skills, the Alla-Aamin business continue flourishing through wide variety of branded and generic products. We cooperate over 35 pharmaceutical companies including multi-national and difference companies placed the company to a leading regional and international role of latest drugs. The company has achieved importing medical products from 19 different countries including: Denmark, United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, South Africa, Saudi Arabia , Iran, Malaysia, Egypt, India, United Arab Emirates, and Kenya. Italy , France,  Pakistan, China,

Currently, Alla-Aamin Pharmaceutical Imports owns over 23 branches in both Somaliland and Somalia.

Alla-Aamin Pharmaceutical Company is considered one of the oldest leading pharmaceutical companies in the region. The Company has the sole agents of International companies such as, Novo Nordisk(Denmark), Exir pharma(Iran), Farabi Pharma(Iran, Nabi-Qasim Pharma(Pakistan) EverNuero Pharma GMBH(Austria) , Electro 77 Kft(Hungary) and Instantina GMBH(Austria). Daana Pharma (Iran) Erfar Pharma(Greece) and Razak Pharma(Iran).

Apart from sole agent for international companies, the company also plays significant role for local Non-governmental organizations working in the country especially PSI Somaliland in which they are distributor for their branded products of Shuban Daweeye(Oral Rehydration Salt), Super Fariid(Micronutrient for children) and Biyo Sifeeye(Water Cleaning Tablet) .

Today over, 2000 different high quality medical products are imported. Due to its regional influence and imports of the latest drugs including Cerebrolysin medicine, which is used to fight against Stroke and Dementia patients, and Methotrexat Ebowe which is used for the treatment of Cancer patients, gave Alla-Aamin Pharmaceutical Import Company a role model in latest drugs in the region.

The company follows international regulations of bringing high quality medicine in the region and assuring its quality control policy to meet the needs of the costumers. To meet the needs of patients and effective response in their treatment, company becomes the first pharmaceutical company in the country to pass its pharmaceutical products for quality control under the mandatory of internationally worldwide organization known SGS(Société Générale de Surveillance) for verifying pharmaceutical product and giving the analysis of medicinal products with paying extra fees of the assay testing of the products in which the companies imports from Asia Countries.

Better Health,
Better Future

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the fast growing companies in Somalia and Somaliland. Our general head quarter is based in the financial and metropolitan city of Hargeisa in Somaliland. We have proven our leadership role in the region as importer, distributor and retailer entities by opening major branches in Hargeisa, Buroa, Borama, Wajale ,Garowe, Galkacayo, Mogadishu.

  • Our vision of Alla-Aamin Pharmacy is to contribute to the building of a better society for all through improved health status of in individuals and the community.
  • Ensuring customers satisfaction by keeping the customer’s needs above everything else.
  • To become brand distributor and brand pharmacy in Somaliland and Somalia as well as neighboring countries.

Our mission is providing quality products at competitive rates and ensuring timely delivery of materials. We aim to achieve our mission’s milestones through continuous improvement in our process by utilizing latest technologies and employing best talent to deliver higher products whole the country.

  • We will treat people with care, compassion, dignity, respect and make them feel valued, as their wellbeing is our prime concern.
  • We will provide quality services, acting with integrity, in accordance with ethical principles and standards of practice.