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Alla-Aamin Pharmaceutical
Import Co.

Better Health, Better Future

Human pharmaceuticals

We import high quality medicines for human use from well recognized GMP and ISO verified companies from more than 20 countries around the world. These drugs range from Over the counter drug (ITC), like simple pain killers, cough syrups and vitamins to Prescription only drugs (POM) like CNS drugs, antibiotics and antipsychotics. We supply our community variety of drugs for different kinds of diseases including chronic diseases like hypertension, thyroid disorders and neuro –psychiatric diseases.

Babay Milk & Diabetic Products

Because baby health and nutrition are important for development and growth of our children, we bring high quality baby milk for different ages from as young as 1 day old to adulthood as well as infant foods. We mostly import these products from Danalac which is a leading brand of infant formula and that is produced under direct supervision of doctors and baby nutritionist. As one of the most common chronic disease (Diabetes) is on the rise in the world in general and in our country specifically it’s our responsibility as company to provide our people with the needed drugs to treat this disease, hence we import different insulin preparation with reasonable price from NOVO NORDISK which is world leading company in the production of diabetic products.

Health Medical Devices

Health medical devices are significant in the care of those who require medical and special care, and to take part in these care we import medical devices, namely examination bed, medical air mattress that assess in the prevention of pressure injuries in bed ridden patients.

Agro Veterinary Medicine

Since farming and livestock keeping are vital in our Somali culture and economy we take it as our mission to help our society in practicing health in their practices and provide with variety and quality agriculture and veterinary products from a reputed countries as well as equipments used in these practices.

Wholesalers and Warehousing

In our warehouse we store all products we import in their required storage conditions, products requiring special conditions like diabetic products are stored in the cold chain rooms that have temperature controls that is monitored by 24/7 around the clock alarm systems. We have highly trained and competent team that organizes and carefully handle our products as well as separating expired and damaged products and calling the authorities that responsible for the destruction of these products. This team works efficiently to provide timely and speedy service to prepare products required to be delivered to our wholesaler departments. Since hygiene and sanitation are important operation in our warehousing we outsource these tasks to specialized companies. We have wholesalers in most of the east African countries and in important cities in Somaliland including hergeisa, burco, borama and wajale. These wholesalers distribute pharmaceutical products in timely fashion and deliver it to the buyer within the day of the request, our team have an experience of over 2 decades and know how to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services, not only time wise but also price wise.